Pickwick Medal Final WIN

Grace Lukach and her lovely mare, Angel Smiling won the Pickwick Medal Final 2009.  The duo won the first round on Saturday with a score of 85, with second place coming in with a score of 81.  Grace, Beverly and Angel prepared for Sunday’s final with the pressure of maintaining their lead.

Judged by Mr. Russ Waither and Ms. Paddy Downing-Nyegard, the team received an 88 for their second round.  The two stellar performances put Grace and Angel ten points ahead in their combined total two-day score.  The pair were so far in the lead, and given that the work-offs are optional, the judges decided not to require them to do a work-off and declared them the winners.  The judges did, however, work off those sitting in second, third, fourth and fifth places.

Grace won a new Antares saddle, a $250 gift certificate to Jake’s Place, a cooler, a blanket of incredible roses, flowers, vases and, or course — long ribbons, and memories to last forever.

Congratulations to all involved in this big win.