Successful move to Alder Lane Farm

Chestnut Hill moved to Alder Lane Farm this week and everything went smoothly, and we had great weather to make it all extra easy.  Our horses love the new facility, and riders claim the lovely Grand Prix ring makes lessons “like riding a hunter derby every day.”

New neighbors Metro and Jonagold found all the excitement a bit tiring, but they are happy and settled in.

We are moving to Alder Lane Farm

Chestnut Hill is pleased to announce that we will be moving to Alder Lane Farm on November 15th.  This world-class facility has recently been renovated to the highest standards and is meticulously maintained.  All four barns are furnished with very large box stalls, each with cushioned mats.  Horses are turned out daily in large paddocks.  The facility offers three rings, each equipped with superior footing that assures a dust-free environment, a watering system, and competition quality jumps.  The Grand Prix arena helps ensure the horses are prepared on competition quality courses. During inclement weather, Alder Lane Farm has a large, fully enclosed indoor arena.  Please come check us out after the 15th!