Trainer Beverly JovaisThe Chestnut Hill training program is aimed at providing every rider with an individualized program to help them meet their goals. Whether it’s a child’s first pony lesson, an adult’s first time in the tack since childhood, or an experienced rider preparing for a big medal final, “excellence built on basics,” is at the core of the program.

Beverly oversees every aspect of training, horse care and stable management along with full-time, well trained grooms. The team works closely with top veterinarians, farriers, body and dental work specialists to ensure that the horses are happy, in optimum health and able to perform at their peak comfortably and happily.

Chestnut Hill competes at conveniently located shows in Northern California, as well as a nice assortment of bigger shows in Southern California. This approach allows each client to create a plan that works for their schedule, and their budget.

Training and lessons at home continue throughout the year, regardless of the Chestnut Hill show schedule. In addition to the well-groomed outdoor ring, a large, well-lit indoor ring makes riding possible throughout the year. Horses also benefit from having access to year-round turnout paddocks, a Game Ready Equine System and a Centurion Magnetic Blanket, neck and foot pads — all of which are included at no extra charge in the Chestnut Hill training package.

A strong believer in continuous education for herself and her riders, Beverly also strives to bring in top flight clinicians throughout each year.

1. Care & Training

*All horses are required to be in Full Care & Training

Full Care & Training is $1,700/month and includes the following:

  • Three lessons and two schooling rides per week
  • Grooming, tacking and untacking horse for lessons and schooling rides, lunging, after lesson/schooling care of horse and tack, daily turnout and blanketing
  • Laundry service, feeding lunch and supplements, administering medications, bandaging, arranging and assisting vet, farrier and physical therapy visits
  • Basic medical, grooming and tack cleaning supplies as well as show preparation trims and mane pulls

Supplemental fees:

  • Body clips (payable directly to grooms) are $200

2. Facility

Chestnut Hill is located at HJ2 Stables in Santa Rosa.

  • Board at HJ2 Stables is $1,200/month

3. Horse Show Charges

*A percentage of trainer expenses will be charged per horse

Day Care is $100/day and includes the following:

  • Schooling rides, coaching and comprehensive supervision of horse and rider

Set up fee is $60/horse and includes the following:

  • Equipment use and supplies necessary for setting up and grooming

Cancellation Policy:

  • When a horse is entered in a show and then scratches, the owner is responsible for all office, stall charges and scratch fees
  • If a Client scratches one week or less from the show’s start, in addition to the above, Client will be responsible for Trainer day care fees, grooming fees, tack room splits and Client’s share of trainer’s expenses.  

 4. Buying/Selling/Lease Commissions & Finder’s Fees

  • Charge on the lease, sale or purchase of a horse or pony is 15%
  • Finder’s fee on care/feed lease is $1,000