Otis Brown Clinic

Thirty-year veteran horse trainer and judge, Otis Brown gave a two-day clinic for Chestnut Hill riders on January 26 & 27. An alternate for the 1964 Pan American Games, and trainer of four Olympic riders, Brown brought his unique blend of humor, passion for training and unrelenting perfectionism to the clinic. Pictured below: Otis Brown, Kat Taylor on Olivier, Ligeia Polidora on Incanto, assistant trainer Katharina Coleman, trainer Beverly Jovais, Bridget Twomey on Finishing Touch, and Sidney Conroy on Quattro.

Otis Brown Clinic

Sports Psychology Clinic

Chestnut Hill riders participated in a clinic with sports psychologist and equitation competitor Tonya Johnston to prepare for the coming show season. The video taped sessions focused on implementing sports psychology techniques – including visualization and setting performance goals – into both flat and jumping exercises. Following the mounted phase, Tonya reviewed each group’s video tape to deepen the lessons learned. Pictured below: Josey Hamren on Sausalito, trainer Beverly Jovais, Blaire Kingsley on Gran Turismo, Tonya Johnston, and Grace McLaughlin on Olympic.