Marguerite Burbank

Our dear friend, avid dog and horse lover, and fellow rider, Marguerite Burbank died suddenly and tragically in a car accident on Friday afternoon while leaving the horse show at Sonoma Horse Park.  She had just finished up doing what she loved – riding her beloved horse Stuart.  (Pictured above: Stuart, husband Russ, daughter Katie, Marguerite, Encore and dogs Molly and Max.)

Marguerite successfully juggled working as a real estate agent at Pacific Union’s Mill Valley office and was an active member and former president of the Rotary Club of Mill Valley. Her family is asking that donations in her memory be sent to the Rotary Club of Mill Valley,

Shortly after arriving at Chestnut Hill several years ago, she took on the daunting task of organizing the annual holiday gift to the barn, which she accomplished quietly and beautifully every year.  One year, she and her husband also volunteered to host the annual barn Christmas party.  She was always looking for ways to help out others, and was quick with a compliment, and a cheery hello (“Hi Sweetie”). We will always treasure her unbridled generosity, kind heart, quick smile and foil-wrapped loaves of homemade banana bread.

Marguerite and Encore (Cheeks).

Marguerite and Stuart.

Marguerite (in the white blouse) at a barn birthday party.

Farewell to a friend.

Spring babies

We at Chestnut Hill do not have a breeding program, but the barn next door does, which is fun. There are a few new little Arabian foals running around that are too adorable.  Here’s a little tyke whose mother is very alert to the fact that they are being watched.

Mom stands guard while the little one relaxes by nursing.  You’ll notice the other foal is totally conked out asleep next to his mother, without a care in the world.  Babies enjoy such profoundly deep naps, it makes some of us jealous!

These miniature horse foals are spending their first days in the tall grass of a farm along Lakeville Highway in Petaluma, and they may just be so dang cute as to be deemed illegal.

This little one looks like Misty of Chincoteague in miniature. (You did read that book didn’t you? More or less than 100 times? Or, was there another horsey book you read a million times over as a kid?)

Fuzzy little one here does not want to let his very tired Mom take a load off, and is trying a variety of nifty moves to get her up on and on her feet so he can nurse.  (Is he a foal or a puppy? Look at that woolly coat! Hysterical.)

Maybe biting her on the ear will work.

Or a front leg over her neck?

He finally won the battle, but we missed the shot.

Hope you enjoyed this little interlude of ridiculously adorable baby horses living in the heaven that is Sonoma County in the springtime!