Marvelous Mondays

Hayley's "Right On Time" relives his latest victory gallop in his paddock.

Mondays at the barn are horse heaven. Nobody works. Everyone gets turned out.  Mashes are made. Massages, body work and chiropractic treatments are given. Fun and relaxation is the name of the game.

Gwen's jumper, "Huckleberry" twists and shouts.

Most barns have at least one day a week when the horses just get to be horses – we have Sundays and Mondays.  It never ceases to amaze us just how much our horses enjoy these days, and how much we enjoy their enjoyment.

Emma's "Lucky Charm" strutting his stuff.

Superstar of the AA ring, Gillett's "Illux" kicks up his heels.


Gwen's hunter, "Olympic" makes his move.

'Madison's mare, "Katina 12" does a dance.

Kat's horse, "Sky" floats like a butterfly.

Bev's retired lesson horse, "Tommy" takes it easy.

Ligeia's "Incanto" takes it easier.

Madison's "Lottie" takes it easiest!

What is your horse’s favorite day?