Horse Tales from Guest Blogger, Alexandra

Guest blogger Alexandra hanging out with barn buddies Caroline and Christina

Welcome to new guest blogger, Alexandra Polidora, age 10.  She takes lessons at Chestnut Hill, and loves spending time at the barn. She wrote all the text and took many of the photos.  Go to the post and add a comment, or share via FB! ~~ Editor.

At Chestnut Hill you don’t only meet horses, you meet friends.

Alexandra on Petey, Caroline, and Christina on Bear.

And you don’t just become friends with people but with horses, cows, sheep and chickens too.

Neighbor cows at rest.

The sheep are so friendly!

Alder Lane chickens lay the best eggs!

There is never a place at Chestnut Hill where you won’t feel welcome.

Taking a lesson on Petey, under Katy's watchful eye.

Besides the wonderful pleasure of riding, there are many other fun things you can do with the horses that will be almost just as fun.

Kari and Alexandra and Katy getting lunch ready in the feed room.

Opening up the SmartPak containers for each horse.

Off to the paddocks to feed via the golf cart express!

Feeding is fun, but lots of work!

MMMmmmmm lunch!

You can wash them up, feed them treats, make and deliver their food, give them love, and much more.

Turning the horses out in their paddocks. Alexandra and Pacheco, and Caroline and Tommy.

Our wonderful trainers/friends Katy, John and Beverly help us through and through. With them around there is always a vibe to never give up.


John, Alexandra and Madison.

Beverly with Smith brothers Hill and Braden.

 Also our grooms Ricardo and Avel are always there with their arms wide open to help.

Head groom, Ricardo.

Our newest groom, Avel.

At Chestnut hill we have big horses, small horses, brown horses, black horses, white horses, red horses, multi-corlored horses, special horses, and My Little Pony!

Posing with Aurora's "big" horse Basil.

Basil + Alexandra.

With Hayley's "little" horse Mac.

With new Chestnut Hill rider Brit and her "brown" horse.

With Aurora's "black" horse, Fafie.

With Madison's "white" horse, Lottie.

With Sidney's new "red" horse, Rolf.

Aurora's "multi-colored" horse, Rocky.

With Ligeia's "special" horse, Metro.

And with everybody's favorite, "My Little Pony," Pacheco.

After a day or even a minute you will find a pal that leads to a wonderful tale!

Guest blogger, Alexandra at work.