Bernie Traurig Clinic @ Chestnut Hill

Bernie Traurig, legendary rider, trainer and coach, winner of the prestigious AHSA and Maclay Medals, member of the U.S. Three Day Event team, winner of numerous dressage Grand Prix as well as National Working Hunter Championships, gave a two-day clinic at Chestnut Hill.  Traurig, who was also short listed for the World Championship trials and Olympic Games, took riders through a series of flat and jumping exercises and identified specific solutions for each rider and horse pair.  The encouraging, but tough master did lots of work improving riders’ position to make them more effective riders.  He offered mounted demonstrations as well, allowing participants to witness the application of his principles in action.  (Pictured above: Katharina Coleman riding Bridget Twomey’s “Thoughtful”, Bernie Traurig, and Katy Hull on Blaire Kinglsey’s “Gran Turismo.” Pictured below:  Tylor Nowell on “Canterbury Brightlight”, Bernie, Gwen McLaughlin on “Capito.”