A Fond Farewell for Bo Regards

Chestnut Hill recently bid farewell to Bo Regards, the namesake of Beaumont Farms.  Born October 23, 1983, he was ten years old when Bridget and her then trainer, Valerie Hagen found him at Andrea Barbi’s sale barn.  Bridget had only started riding recently and knew very little about trying or buying a horse, but she did know love at first site.

The new team started doing the 1’6″ classes at Dixon Ranch and the following year they were competing in the Adult Amateur classes, and then on to the Adult Owner division (see photo below).  At that same show Calistoga show they debuted in the A/O hunter division, Bridget and Bo also began their career in the jumpers – competing in the AA division, as well as the 3’9 mini-Prix, in which they placed sixth (the slowest double-clear team), which served as the conclusion of their jumper career.  Bridget and Bo went on to compete successfully in medals, equitation and hunter classes.

Bridget and Denis knew they would have to find a special place to retire her first horse, which led them to their beautiful farm in 1996.  When Bo’s 3’6 career was over, Bridget bought and began showing Coral Reef and Barb Bochner began piloting Bo.  Barb loved him as well as said, “those of us who got to be his co-captain – as he was always sure he was the captain – were very lucky.”  The due were very successful over the years, and when Bo went into full retirement, which arrived about five years ago, he had earned every minute of it.

Among Bridget’s favorite memories of this special horse included how he always charged onto the van to go to shows because he loved competing so much, how he always believed he should win every flat class and when the announcer read the winner’s name, Bo always tried to walk out of the line up and the rider had to hold him back, how he loved to eat BBQ potato chips and granola bars.

Bo developed a large tumor under the bone on the front of his face and Bridget and Denis always thought it would ultimately do him in.  Instead, he died a quick death from acute colic, so he suffered very little, and he went with great dignity.  Bridget added, “he deserved that and so much more.” Safe travels, Dear Friend.